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Aktifitas CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility and Environment


The Company has carried out its commercial operations since 1973. The Company has been growing and developing as  art of the community and environment. In the course of its business and operations, the Company is aware of and acknowledges that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is inseparable and integral part of the business and benefits to the communities. In line to the above, the Company continuously exerts its efforts to improve the CSR activities in accordance of the Company’s policy as follows:

1. Supporting the next generation

2. Harmonious living with the surrounding communities.

3. Environment Conservation


The Company believes that the future of the Nation rests with the young generation. The Company support in creating the future for children and promoting the development of the children in pursuing their future aspirations. The activities performed by the Company among others:

 a. Scholarship

One of the active roles of the Company to maintain the quality of education for local communities around the factory is to grant scholarship by giving tuition fee and equipment for Elementary School and Junior High School. The Company also assists the distribution for scholarship granted by Yayasan Asahi Glass Indonesia for senior high school (SMKN 56 Jakarta) and several University (University of Indonesia, Bandung Institute of Technology and Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Surabaya). The grant of scholarship has begun since 1985.

 b. Training and Computer Donation

The Company has offered computer training to students of junior high school around the factory site in Cikampek. This activity was aimed at broadening the knowledge of students in computer learning to build their knowledge and skills.

 c. Site Job Training and Company Visit

The Company allowed an opportunity to the students of High School and Collage for site job training in the Company. This activity was aimed to provide the opportunity for the students to have experience and broaden knowledge of job training by their respective field of education. It is expected that after completing the education, students will already have adequate mentality and skills to compete in the real employment sector. The Company also accepts site visit by students from Junior High School up to University this activity is aimed at introducing the work environment and glass production process in the Company.

 d. Early Childhood Education (PAUD)

In supporting the successive generation and promoting the intellectualization of the nation, the Company is collaborating with the government and/or stakeholders to provide assistance in education materials, books and rehabilitation of education facilities for Early Childhood Education (PAUD) around the site of the Company. The Company expects that this will promote the development of children for the future. The Company wishes that this will be further promoted in years to come, both in terms of quantity and quality of the materials and educators.


To promote the harmonious living and community empowerment, the Company will continuously develop activities supportive for improved independence of the local communities. This activity has been designed in such way accommodating the potentials of the surrounding communities around the Company's factories. During the 2011, the Company carried out the following activities, among others:

 a. Kambing Gulir Program

The Company's Cikampek Factory arranges Rolling Goat Program. In this program, the Company provides some nanny-goats to be mated with billy-goats owned by community members. If a kid is born, it will be automatically owned by the billy-goat's owner. After that the nanny-goat is mated with the other billy-goat and so on. The Company expects this program helps improving the economic condition of community members around the factory.

 b. Cake Making Training Program

The Company and local communities offered cake making skill training for housewife around the Company's factory in Sidoarjo. This program was aimed at providing cake making skills for local communities which will surely provide value added.

 c. Fresh Water Fish Cultivation

The Company also organized fresh water fish cultivation to the local communities around the Company's factory in Cikampek. This activity is aimed increasing the income and nutrient of the

local communities while preserving the ecosystem in the area.

 d. Participating in Nutrition Improvement of Local Community

The Company incorporation with other companies who participating in Ancol Industry Association around the factory site in Jakarta, will jointly provide assistance in nutrition improvement and healthy food for local communities.

 e. Mass Circumcision

The Company organized mass circumcision for children around the Company's factory site in Cikampek. This activity helped the poor communities to improve hygiene and health.

 f. Glass Donation

The Company also actively donates flat glass and mirrors for development and rehabilitation of education facilities, government authorities, orphanage, religious facilities and others.

 g. Participating in Religious Festive Days

The Company has regularly participated in the Religious Festive Days either as organized by it or the local communities. The participation may include the form of donation for orphans, Ramadhan Fast Breaking, Idul Fitri, Christmas Parcel and so forth.

 h. Participating in Celebrating Independence Day

On August 2011, the Company actively provides fund donation to the local communities for celebrating the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia.

 i. Blood Donation

With the theme “A Drop of Blood for Humanity”, the Company in collaboration with Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), organized blood donor. It was carried out in all factories of the Company and in fact, it has been regular agenda of the Company within every 3 (three) months.

 J. Other Social Activities

The Company in collaboration with the local communities organized other social activities such as supplying trees donation, fogging, compost production, drainage and sewage cleaning and hand glove washing by the local communities.


As a Multinational Company, the Company also takes part in solving environmental issues. In promoting such activities, the company has engaged in some activities as follows:

 a. Tree Planting Program

The Company has been consistent in participating and making contribution to the issues on global warming reduction, the Company planted trees in the area in 3 (three) factories. This program were joined by all members of the Board of Directors, Managers, Employees, Vendors of the Company and their families, total number of trees planted in 2011 were 4.500 consisting of sengon laut, mahoni, trembesi and others.

 b. Recycle Program

In collaboration with komunitas Ancol Sayang Lingkungan and Masyarakat Peduli Lingkungan (MASPEL) based in Ancol, the Company made contribution of used papers and plastic for recycle. In addition the Company also contributed leaf garbage to MASPEL for recycle to compost and plant fertilizer. The products from the recycle can be used by the Company. Paper recycle management program was also joined by the communities in Tamelang village in the Company's factories site in Cikampek. In addition to the environment conservation, this also provides value added to the local communities surrounding the Company's factories site.

 c. Clean Environment Program

To create clean and healthy environment, the Company and local communities around the Company's factories site in Ancol organized clean environment program in the area of Kampung Bandan, Ancol. Moreover, the Company also made contribution by supplying cleaning tools to the community maintain the hygiene and health of local environment.

 Occupational Health and Safety

 The Company is highly committed and aware of the importance of complying with the applicable Laws and Regulations including those which related to occupational safety and health, environmental protection. In promoting such program, in 2011 the Company organized some activities as follows:


 Safety is the essential value to the Company by socializing and implementing its slogan “No Production without the Assurance of Safety”. The Company sets up as the first priority safety and health.

In order to build employee's awareness of occupational safety in 2011, the Company's factories organized safety campaign:

Competition of “Kiken Yochi” (hazard prediction), Tool Box Meeting (TBM) by site inspection before commencing the works, control at the work is being done (Patrol), Safety Riding Training and others.


 In 2011, the Company organized series of simulations to anticipate the occurrence of natural disaster and emergency situation such as earthquake, flood, tsunami, leakage of Heavy Oil, SO2 and fire. The objective of simulation is to train each employee to mitigate natural disaster, emergency situation, to evaluate the facility and communication in emergency situation.


 As a form of Company's attention and concern for all of its employees, at least once in a week, the Company invites professional aerobics instructor and invite each employee of the Company to participate in the program. The Company is also active in taking preventive measures from employee health threatening conditions. The Company works together with local hospitals provided useful consultations on frequent diseases in the communities. On a yearly basis, Company organizes regular medical checkup of each employee such as x-ray scanning, urine, blood, blood tension and others. The Company also organized contests in health such as first accident aid, health slogan writing, a day without smoking campaign and so forth.

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