Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

In line with the Company's mission of "To build the world a better place for living", the Company is obliged to take part in preserving the environment. To that end, the Company places its commitment to living environment and social environment as the main thing and inseparable from its operating activities. To that end, the Company completes operations with the document of environment management pursuant to the governing regulations such as Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA/AMDAL/ANDAL) Document as well as Environmental Management Efforts - Environmental Monitoring Efforts Document (UKL-UPL). The aim is to estimate the impact resulted from operations, to evaluate and seek appropriate solutions to overcome. Thus, the activities implementors have guidelines to manage the environmental impact at every location of the Company's operations.

In addition, to show the role of the Company as a responsible citizen in creating a better living environment, the Company has five principal for environmental policies as guidelines in conducting their business activities, namely:

1. Continuous improvement based on an integrated Environmental Management System (EMS/SML).
2. Comply with environmental regulations and requirements.
3. Perform measures to mitigate environmental impacts and prevent pollution.
4. Develop products, technologies, services and facilities that are environmentally friendly.
5. Communicate actively on environmental activities with stakeholders.

In accordance with the Company's business policy for the Environment in 2014, namely "Sustainable Contribution to the Earth through Activities that are Environmentally Friendly (Green Activities)".

Green Activities by the Company are translated with the term 3G: Green Factory, Green Operation and Green Product. Elaboration of the 3G concept by the Company is as follows



It has become the Company's commitment to apply the concept of Green Factory in the entire factory environment. To support the creation of a environmentally friendly factory, the embodiment of Green Factory is reflected directly in the environment surrounding the Company's factory where many trees and ornamental plants are planted there to give a beautiful scene. The trees were planted by employees and their families in 2010; the growing of the trees has been continuosly monitored. In addition, in the water channels within the Company's environment, there are also several species of fish that can be seen with naked eye as means of water quality monitoring.

Healthy and fresh condition of the fish in the water channels indicates that the water in the channels do not contain harmful chemicals. Factory and office also have quite good air and sunlight circulation. Some indoor and outdoor lightings already use LED so that they will be more efficient and durable.

In addition to tree planting in the factory environment, the Company's factory located in Jakarta with government agencies and surrounding community also planted fruit trees, located not far from the Company's Jakarta factory. Currently, fruit trees produce fruit that has been used by local people.

In the 2013-2014 PROPER assessment, the Company's factories in Jakarta, Cikampek, and Sidoarjo were awarded BLUE PROPER from the Ministry of Environment, indicating the compliance of the three factories with the applicable environmental regulations and management.


In the running of factory operations, every employee is required to innovate and think creatively to produce competitiveness and continuity of the Company's environmentally friendly business.

To support Green Operation concept, the Company uses Natural Gas (NG) in the running of flat glass factory operation. By using NG, the emission will be cleaner and friendlier to the environment compared to using fuel oil. The Company also seeks to reduce CO2 emission unit in several ways, among others by:

1. Reducing fuel consumption
2. Enlarging cullet ratio
3. Increasing efficiency in the delivery process
4. Increasing productivity, and
5. Reducing utility
6. Using  environmentally friendly materials

The Company's activities related to Green Operation, namely Recycling Program include among others:

Waste Management
Application of 3R or Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle is still the best way to manage and handle waste both in industry and society. In waste management, the Company also adopts the 3R program. Reuse means reusing waste that still can be used for the same function or other functions. Reduce means reducing everything that will result in garbage, such as replacing wood box packing material into iron pallets, which can be used again after the delivery. Recycle means recycling waste into new products that are useful, such as reusing cullets from the production process into raw materials. Implementation of the 3R program in the Company's waste management activities will provide benefits because the waste that has been sorted will be easier to be processed and distributed to manufacture useful products.

Water Management

To reduce the usage of PAM water in its operations, the Company's factory in Jakarta has made recycling process of waste water from the equipment cooling process and glass washing by mixing the waste water  with sea water used as raw material, to be reprocessed into fresh water by using "Reverse Osmosis / RO" technology. The RO process produces clean water that can be reused as equipment cooling water and glass washing in the course of production process.

During 2014, from the RO process, the Company's flat glass factory in Jakarta produced 374,743 M3 recycled water and 279,073 M3 recycled water in 2013, or in other words, an increase in the use of recycled water. The use of recycled water can reduce consumption of PAM water by 59%, increasing quite highly compared with 30% in 2012. This shows that there has been an increase in the quantity of water processed with RO management process in 2013 and 2014.

Energy Saving Campaign

In addition to recycling and water management, the Company also carries out energy-saving campaign to encourage the culture of electricity, water and paper saving by placing stickers and banners on related objects both inside and outside the rooms of the factory premises.

Certifications in Environmental Affairs and Quality Management
In carrying out its mission of "To build the world a better place for living" that is aligned with one of its CSR policy of "Preserving the Environment", the Company continues to raise awareness of the environment by adhering to international standards for Environmental Management System (EMS/SML).

One of the systems that can be used in achieving EMS implementation is ISO 14001: 2004. With this system, the Company can ensure that the process carried out and the products have met the commitment to the environment, particularly compliance with the regulations in the field of environment, pollution prevention and commitment to continuous improvement.

The Company's factories in Jakarta, Sidoarjo and Cikampek have obtained environmental certifications such as ISO 14001: 2004 since 2005, with the last audit on this ISO 14001: 2004 certification was done in April 2014 by DNV Malaysia, an internationally recognized independent agency of ISO audit.



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